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Cherry Blossoms, Spring Gardening Ideas and Inspiration, Decorating for a Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden Dreams and Decorating Inspiration


The trees around here are literally bursting at the seams with blooms and I am falling head over heels in love with Spring. It just feels like everything is coming alive again and there is so much hope and anticipation in the air. Now I know this may seem obvious to some, I mean I think I just wrote some of the most glaring Spring cliches but, hear me out, this is my first traditional Spring since 2000. Not to dis Florida or anything, I loved living in Florida, but Spring in Florida was more like a last breath, last ditch effort to enjoy fresh air before the oppressiveness of the Summer heat. Oh and Spring in Florida only lasted for about 4 weeks. It was a quick flash in the pan before you started realizing that you could actually fry an egg on the sidewalk. 

 Ina Garten Hydrangea Arch Garden Provence Cottage Garden Ideas Inspiration Ina Garten Garden Bench Provence Cottage Garden Ideas Inspiration

Anyway, all this has me thinking about gardening. Now, I don’t have a garden myself yet. Since we just moved here we are still renting and trying to get our bearings on the island. However, a girl can dream right?! And plan…and there is nothing more enticing to me than dreaming and planning. I figure by the time we actually do get our little bit of land I will have a good idea of what I want it to ultimately look like. (as a side note, when my husband reads this - this is the part he is going to start getting scared of! His mind will go blank except for a flashing neon sign that says: Projects, Projects, Endless Numbers of Projects) Hahaha, he knew who I was when we got married and besides, I think he secretly loves it. 

 Roses in Hedges English Garden Traditional

So what does my dream garden look like right now? Well in design I tend to lean towards maximalism, the idea that more is more, plus I am undoubtedly a romantic. So I am thinking of something like an English Cottage Garden, mixed with a bit of formality, think garden walls, hedges, an overabundance of flowers spilling from their places, mixes of colors, greenery and scents so abundant it almost hurts to be outside breathing it all in. 

 Secret Garden Gate

Ideally there would be secret nooks and crannies where I could tuck a bench or picnic blanket, maybe a hammock to be able to float and nap amongst the natural beauty. 

 Roses Archway Statuary and Garden Bench Colorful Garden Border

I’m thinking of a separate cutting garden, just to grow flowers that I can bring inside to enjoy all through the house. I have been reading this book by Floret Flower Farms and mentally mapping out how it will look! 

Dahlia Cutting Garden  Floret Farm Cut Flower Garden Book 

And an herb garden with big beautiful bushes of rosemary, basil, parsley, thyme and lavender. I love to cook and having fresh herbs at your fingertips is just too enticing of a prospect. 

 English Kitchen Garden

So I think I have  pretty good handle on what I would love in a garden, of course I will have to make tweaks to my vision to make sure it can be cohesive with our land. But in the mean time I am going to keep dreaming and of course bring a few items into my kitchen that soothe my need to live in a cottage garden. 

The Blue Peony Spring Garden Product Ideas, Aprons, Cloth Napkins, Summer Scarves and Potholders

1. Blossom Crossback Apron  2. Rose Garden Potholder in Pink  3. Rose Garden Potholder in Black  4. Lime Twist Infinity Scarf  5. Bloom Mini Wallet in Tickled  6. Bloom Mini Wallet in Dream  7. Gingham Rose Key Fob  8. Lotus Giant Coaster / Mug Rug  9. Pink Gingham Mini Potholders  10. Romance Ruffle Apron  11. Brooke Potholder  12. Nature Walk Cloth Napkins  13. Rose Chef Style Apron  14. Tie-Dye Roses Cloth Napkins  15. Garden Trellis Silk Infinity Scarf  16. Brooke Chef Style Apron


And if you really want to take a stroll through my imagination check out my Pinterest account @thebluepeonysrq and follow along with the “Our Garden of Weedin’”  inspiration board. 

Garden Pathway Side of House Garden  Southern Garden Gate

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