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Free Shipping for Any Purchase over $60

We're Back! Get some tea ready and let's catch up...

Dear Friends and Customers,

You may have been wondering where The Blue Peony has been. It’s a long story so I will just give you the highlights...

On our honeymoon, Matt and I found this terrific little place in the pacific northwest that we never stopped thinking about. So earlier this year we made a life change and moved to Whidbey Island, Washington. 

Our son, Cooper was just about to start Kindergarten and he had not made his web of friends which would have made moving more difficult. Life soon became a whirlwind because over a period of 1.5 months, we sold our house, packed our belongings, found a new house and moved. Finally settling into a lovely cottage in downtown Langley in early June.


Over the last 6 months we have settled in to the community, acquired office and sewing space for both Matt and me and adjusted to life in a small town. It has been a time consuming process but we are now established enough for me to refocus on The Blue Peony.


The website is still populated with the usual, kitchen items aprons, pot holders and dish towels that you have come to enjoy through the years. Our go-to accessory items like wallets, shoe bags and handkerchiefs are also there. Many additional colors that we have not had before were added for this season. The “can’t wait until there is a baby to buy for” items in the organic nursery section, including bibs, onesies, wet wipes(which are dry until you add the water!!), softies and our quilts are all stocked up. One thing we did before packing The Blue Peony is we spent last year sewing enough inventory to last us for a full year. We didn’t know how long we would be without a sewing area. So we have lots of new prints available for you and your family.


Many of you became our family as we spent ten years every Saturday at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market, we watched little ones whose Mom’s became our customers while they were still pregnant grow up and come down to the Market to buy their first apron as just a two year old and then a few years later they grew into our larger child’s apron. Others we watched as the child’s apron changed into an adult apron and then the happy tears as pot holders had to be purchased for the new apartment while going to college. Oh, there are so many stories of transition as happy families convene for their holidays. Sarasota is a magically wonderful place and I miss all of you.


Please feel to write us and tell us how you have been and what you are up to. Send pictures too. We miss you as much as you miss Mom and me!


I post pictures occasionally on Facebook and Instagram, if you are interested in seeing the community where we live, watching Cooper grow up and of course a few updates on our products and fabrics.


with warm wishes for a fabulous holiday season,

Jennifer Robinson

Owner / Designer

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