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The proof is in the pudding! Sea Salt Caramel Pudding to be exact.

I love dessert. My Grandfather always told me “Eat dessert first you never know what will come next.” I grew up thinking of dessert as comfort food, we didn’t eat it often but when we did it was special!

The care of my son had taken a toll on my production rate for my business so when in crisis mode make dessert. It puts me back on track.

I love caramel, I love pudding, equals let’s make sea salt caramel pudding with crushed cookies and sweetened whipped cream. Cooper was sleeping, I had enough time. So I started gathering my ingredients and mixing them together. Then chaos…….He awoke with such a start and he couldn’t be settled without my holding him. To finish the pudding I needed my hands free, and I couldn’t stop now. I was at that crucial almost done and can’t leave it alone phase.

So I grabbed my new organic sling and put him in it so he could be close to me, and settled by my heart beat. He calmed right down - he was secure against me and I had my hands free so I could finish my creation. Our sling definetly saved the day - the proof is in the pudding! The recipe is below so you can enjoy your own special moment and you can find the slings in our shop.

Sea Salt Caramel Pudding


¼ cup unsalted butter

1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise

¾ cup light brown sugar

2 ½ cups heavy cream

1 cup whole milk

1Tbsp. dark rum

½ tsp. sea salt (kosher will work as well)

6 large egg yolks

¼ cup cornstarch

3 Tbsp. sugar

Whipped cream and crushed ginger cookies are optional.


    Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Scrape seeds from vanilla bean; add bean. Cook, swirling pan occasionally, until butter begins to brown and smell nutty (about 3 minutes). Add brown sugar and cook, stirring occasionally, until sugar is starting to dissolve (about 2 minutes). Add cream, milk, rum, and salt; bring to a simmer. Remove from heat.  

    Whisk egg yolks, cornstarch, and sugar in a large bowl until smooth. Gradually add hot cream mixture, whisking constantly. Wipe out saucepan. Strain custard through a fine-mesh sieve back into saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring often, until custard bubbles occasionally and starts to thicken (5-6 minutes).

    Remove saucepan from heat and transfer mixture to a blender. Blend briefly on low speed until smooth. Place ramekins or bowls on a rimmed baking sheet. Divide custard evenly among ramekins and chill until set (at least 3 hours).

    Top with a sweetened whipped cream and crumbled cookies if desired.

*Puddings can be made up to 3 days in advance but they really are at their best on the first night.


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Jeanne - April 26, 2013

Thanks Jenn, looks like a recipe we’ll enjoy. I’ll try it soon.

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