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This Week at the Market...A Hunk's Story

Posted on February 28 2013

Ahhh…It is good to be back, after my son decided to be born on a  Saturday, thus cancelling any plans for me to attend the market, it has been a few weeks since I have been able to be back.

I realized that there were many aspects of the market that I really enjoyed. The noise, the smells, the personal interactions with fellow vendors and the customers; all the customers at the market, not just customers of The Blue Peony. I missed it.

These past few weeks we have been debuting two new aprons from our Hunks Collection. We have Ready for Action, our hero’s that battle blazes, and Heavy Equipment, the men who build America.  These two join the Wranglers, the steaming shirtless cowboy, dusty from riding the trail and the Outdoorsy Type, the mountain man in his natural setting. We sewed Hunks all week so that we had plenty for our front display and one for Harry, our mannequin.

We had customers chuckling and commenting all day and but the absolute best reaction was the guy that said “Hey, I look like that” and took off his shirt in front of our booth.  All the women began to hoot and holler, and then he began to dance… the YMCA by The Village People. The crowd went wild and we were all laughing with him.

How could you not love this market?




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