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Mid-Year Wake Up Call and New Organic Quilt Designs

Well, it is the beginning of May - not quite the middle of the year but close enough for me to think: “Where has all the time gone?!"

True, season in Florida has officially ended, which means life gets a bit slower and you can start going to all your favorite places again. But I am feeling the need for a reboot – a mid-year (almost!) look at what I have done and the goals left for 2015. Part of that is to get my act together when it comes to this blog. I could blame it on being focused on production – trying to keep up with the demands of season – and that is partly true. But mostly I can admit; I have been scared. It has been a long time since I have written regularly, and I feel a bit rusty. What if I simply can’t find anything to write about week after week? But I have been assured that writing is easier the more you do it – so it is time, as they say, to rip off the Band-Aid…

What have we been working on these past few months? Well, we have some fabulous new organic baby quilts - including, one that was inspired by the current #1 Beach in the United States – Siesta Key! I count myself very lucky to live in this little slice of paradise.


The Siesta Key Beach Ball quilt is made featuring clouds and birds in the sky, alternating blues for the waves and sandpipers, seaweed and pearls for the beach. Big bright beach balls in coordinating colors are floating in the waves. As relaxing as a day at the beach…without the sand getting everywhere!


 Next we have Polka Dots and Moonbeams, like the old Frank Sinatra song. This whimsical design is made in two colorways: Meadow featuring pinks and yellows and Wild featuring more blues and greens.


Gifts of Love is the newest design, a modern quilt based off our interpretation of a gift wrapped especially for your little one. The beauty of this design is that you get a lot of the personality of the fabrics while still keeping a clean and soothing modern quilt. Gifts of Love is also available in two colorways: Meadow: a gender neutral mix of blue, yellow and green and Wild: Ed Emberley's animals rendered in darker neutrals and bright colors.

On the personal side we have been spending a lot of time in our garden. Here is a picture of Cooper and some of our carrots, he was very excited to pull them out of the ground.

It must have been mind blowing to realize they come out of the dirt like that. In true boy fashion he loves any chance to get dirty. 

I am still anxiously awaiting our garlic, leeks and shallots to be ready to harvest. One of the best things about this garden is to be able to grow some of the more expensive produce yourself - but it has taken quite awhile for them to mature! 

So that is going to be it for this week. I don't know what next week will hold yet, but I will be sure to let you know. In the mean time, I hope you have a fabulous week. All the best, Jennifer.

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