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Free Shipping for Any Purchase over $60

William Shakespeare Needlepoint Kit

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Hark! What new design comes this way? ‘Tis good Sir Will - a merge, forsooth, ‘twixt this lady here present and the fair maidens at Appleton Wools, in the Shire of Buckingham yonder…

Ok I’ll stop.

As part of a celebration combining Appleton Wools and all things hailing from the British Isles, I have come up with my homage to one of the greatest authors that ever lived. I always imagined that he was a very colourful character - who else could write with such sensitivity, passion and humour?

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep”. Sigh. Gets me every time.

This kit is worked in tent stitch and includes a 12hpi colour printed canvas, Appleton Wools, needles and instructions.

The finished design measures 30cm x 35cm (12 x 14 inches) approx.

Made in the UK