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Garden Party (Orange) Shoe Bag / Lingerie Bag


"Elegant Protection for Shoes on the Go"

Whether you are throwing an extra pair of shoes in your beach bag or packing your suitcase for adventure our 100% cotton shoe bags will provide just the right amount of protection for your shoes and your clothes. The Blue Peony shoe bags are generously sized to fit anything from your largest pair of sneakers(we tested a men's size 13!), towering platforms or even your most elegant flats.


The Blue Peony lingerie bag is the same depth as our shoe bags but just a bit narrower. They are perfect for keeping your delicates together and protected in your suitcase or can be used for a more delicate shoe style such as sandals, flats or strappy heels. 


Both sizes are so versatile I have used mine in more ways than I ever thought when I first made them. Such as:

Laundry bag while traveling

Toy or Snack bag for my toddler

Technology bag - one place that has all my chargers, plugs, etc. while traveling

Reusable gift bag

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