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Whidbey Wild Beauty

After Bath Body Oil

$9.00 USD

A luxurious treatment for the entire body that delivers visibly radiant and youthful looking skin while leaving an ultra-light and non-greasy feel.

This fast-absorbing body oil provides comprehensive hydrating and invigorating benefits to the entire body for a youthful looking appearance. It absorbs quickly to help support elevated microcirculation to improve appearance of tone and texture. Abyssinian, jojoba and squalane oils, provide essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients help promote healthy looking skin while moisturizing and helping to relieve dry, rough patches. Leaves skin feeling noticeably softer and smoother.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Massage into clean damp skin straight after a bath or shower to seal in moisture.

2 oz. / 29 mL or 4 oz. / 59 mL

Made in USA