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Free Shipping for Any Purchase over $45

Jojoba, Rose and Carrot Seed Oil


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Replenishing and nourishing blend of organic jojoba, rosehip, and carrot seed oils. Softens, illuminates, and rejuvenates face, neck, and hands.

Achieve effortless radiance with a beauty oil that not only contains the finest exotic oils but also leaves your skin radiant and silky soft. Our multipurpose face oil has balancing properties and works for most skin types. It hydrates dry skin and helps regulate the sebum production of oily skin and soothes sensitive inflamed skin. This oil boosts vital antioxidants, leaving behind a nourished and smooth complexion. Due to the rich botanical properties of carrot seed oil, it will also help and will help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Available in Fragrance Free or Fragranced:

Rose No. 1 – Rose – 

Amidst springtime rain and sun, walk through a fresh green and soothing rose garden. A delightful fragrance sure to relax.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a few drops  onto your skin and smooth over your face, neck, and hands. Allow the oil to absorb into the skin for 2-3 minutes.

1 oz. / 29 mL

Made on Whidbey Island

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