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Free Shipping for Any Purchase over $60
Free Shipping for Any Purchase over $60

We're Off to Quilt Market and Celebrating with Free Shipping!

It is a big weekend here at The Blue Peony, time for our annual pilgrimage to the Houston Quilt Market. Where we scope out the newest fabrics, colors and come up with design ideas on various new products for the coming year. 

Rows upon rows of fabric, notions and machines for as far as the eye can see. Remember when Dorothy and her friends first walk into the Emerald City? They look around awestruck at all the glittering green fabulousness? And my personal favorite - that horse that changes color?! It is sort of like that, but instead of all green it is an explosion of creativity, colors and patterns. 

It is also a lot of work: Hours upon hours of walking and standing, carrying an overload of books, brochures, cameras, pens and highlighters, and of course being in a constant creative overdrive. 

All in all an exciting weekend and wouldn’t you like to be along for the adventure? 

Make sure you are following The Blue Peony on our social media sites:

I will be posting updates all day on instagram and overviews at night on Facebook. You can like and comment on the prints you love and even help influence our buying decisions. After all we are here looking for the fabrics you will love next too!

And I may have even saved the best news for last: 

In honor of our big adventure this weekend - anything you purchase from will ship for free! No minimum purchase necessary just use the coupon code: MARKET15. Tell all your friends this is the perfect time to stock up on last minute Halloween items. Everything will ship priority mail on Tuesday, which typically takes 2-3 days - Just in time for the holiday! 

Have a fabulous day, 


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