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Christmas in June - Can you believe it?!

Posted on June 02 2014

Can you believe my last blog post was before Christmas?! After weeks of dissecting, discussing, and of course digesting Christmas Cookie recipes I left my readers in the lurch for almost 6 months! I can’t believe it myself. What is the saying? Time flies when you’re having fun? Well fun (otherwise known as raising a toddler, growing your small business, corralling two dogs and a husband, baking a few pies (more on that later), trying to have some life and maybe a nap or two!) Fast forward from then and we have successfully made it through another great season in South Florida and I am looking forward to the summer ahead to catch up on some big projects, I will certainly share with you, as well as trying to carve out a little bit of that life I was talking about earlier.

And finally…Drum roll please…

The Results of the Christmas Cookie Exchange 2013:

I Won!

Ina Garten’s Linzer Cookies took home the grand prize of best tasting cookie of the night. Not to sound too egotistical but as soon as I tasted that shortbread and raspberry jam combination I knew I had it in the bag. With that much butter and sugar in one cookie – how could I not win? For those of you that missed it here is the prize winning recipe: Mini Linzer Cookie Recipe. And just to get you a bit more into the holiday spirit here are some pictures from our first annual Christmas Cookie Exchange.

Our host, Elva (our Quilter extraordinaire) has a Christmas tree for every room!

A few light snacks before the cookie tasting begins 



The cookie lineup and voting tins...


And of course I can't resist a beautiful picture of my mom (in white) 


Only 205 more days till Christmas!!

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  • Clyde Robinson Jr.: June 08, 2014

    To whom it may concern (and I would imagine that it concerns quite a few of you if you had as many of these cookies as I did.) I would like to say that I truly enjoyed all the cookies it was my privilege to sample and consume during the contest. The winners were good, make no mistake but I enjoyed each and every entry I was given to judge. I enjoyed them so much that during my annual physical I was given a good tongue lashing by my doctor and placed on a three month diet of roasted garlic triscuit, psyllium husk, and water. My friends remember all other things in moderation and otherwise all the cookies you can eat. Yum, Yum, Yum.

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