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The Blue Peony

Vintage British Face Mask

$12.00 USD

Help protect others while having a little fun. We made masks designed to make you smile. Made of two layers of 100% tightly woven cotton with stretchy knit ties so they easily fit to any size head and remain comfortable for as long as you need to wear it. Yay - No ear fatigue! 

Ties can also be tied together to create ear loops if you prefer to wear your mask this way. Versatility is key right now!

Mask profits will go towards more materials for donated masks and also my small business to help weather the storm. Thank you for your support and continue to stay safe.


Made in USA

100% Cotton

Machine Washable


Make sure to wash the mask in warm or hot water BEFORE trying it on or the first use. I have been at home for 2 months and am well, but I want to make sure the mask is sterile before use.

Wash mask after each use. Do not share masks.

The CDC has recommended that everyone wear a face mask when going outside, however I do not claim that these face masks add any protection from virus or pathogens of any kind. Use your personal discretion.

Due to the nature of this product, no returns will be permitted. Approximate size of mask is 8" wide x 4" long(when fully pleated), with 15" straps.