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The Blue Peony

Out on a Limb Organic Quilt

$125.00 USD

Who-oo is keeping an eye out for you? Why our friendly owls perched in the branches of this delightfully fun unisex quilt. 

This modern quilt is made from 100% organic cotton in a perfectly pastel color combination for any baby. The quilt measures approximately 38" x 47", a perfect size for napping, diaper changes, playing, cuddling, both at home and on the go, lining a crib, or as a toddler blanket. Only organic cotton and batting is used to keep this quilt free of chemicals typically associated with traditional cotton fabric.

Professional construction with premium quality fabrics and the use of generous, well designed, machine-stitched quilting ensures long-lasting quality and beautiful craftsmanship.

Machine Washable / Dryable

100% Organic Cotton

Made in USA