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The Blue Peony

Magenta Ring Sling for Babies

$50.00 USD

Organic Canvas, Bright Bold Colors, Machine Washable, Easy hands free care of your baby, keeps them close and sooths colicky babies

Baby slings have been used for centuries as a way to carry your baby hands free and comfortably, as well as helping to calm and soothe your baby. The Blue Peony slings are made out of 100% organic cotton canvas and triple stitched for superior strength and durability.

Here are just a few reasons that baby slings are so beneficial:

* You can carry baby securely against you while doing household chores, typing on your computer, or taking a walk

* Promotes a healthy bond between you and baby, enabling your baby to listen to your heartbeat and feel your warmth, similar to the womb.

* Your baby can easily be taken out of the sling without waking him/her

* Easy positioning for breastfeeding

* Some front-style commercial carriers sold in stores, can be stressful to a newborn's spine. Slings have been tried and tested in most other countries for centuries, and cradles the baby's back and spine in the correct position.

Machine Wash / Tumble Dry

Made in USA

100% Organic Cotton